DISSELHOFF exclusively uses hides from farm animals, which are kept in accordance with the currently valid 'Biokreis' guidelines for agricultural production in Germany. 


'Biokreis' is an organic farmers' association, whose objectives are to promote co-operation of all parties in manageable regions in accordance with ecological principles and to keep the original, peasant agriculture on the basis of organic farming viable. In addition, 'Biokreis' promotes especially regional structures.



Short transport routes and ecological farming support environmental protection. In this sense, products manufactured according to the directive are characterised by high ecological sustainability.


The 'Biokreis' guidelines also meet the specifications of the associations 'BioSuisse' (Switzerland)





The leather has been certified by the international association of natural textile traders (Internationalen Verband der Naturtextilwirtschaft e.V. (IVN)), and it carries the ECARF seal of quality of the European Foundation for Allergy Research and may therefore be considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly and mild-on-the-skin leathers available on the market today.


In order to produce the leather, the sustainable plant-based tanning agent tara is used. In addition, the use of harmful heavy metals, such as chromium, is completely eliminated.


The leather is neither restamped nor sealed with plastic, which is why it may have authentic natural marks, which emphasise the naturalness of the leather and do not, in any way, reflect a diminution of value.

Leather acquires its distinctive character through everyday use. Light and touch cause the leather to darken over time (especially the uncoloured and natural colour “NUDE”), and a beautiful patina develops as a result.





In order to clean the bags, it is sufficient to remove dust and light dirt with a damp cloth.

Care products should only be used sparingly, as fatty products may cling to the pores of the leather and change the colour. Light colours in particular may change as a result of treatment with waterproofing spray and other care products. Therefore, we recommend not to use waterproofing sprays.


In order to retain the original look of the bag for as long as possible, we recommend treating it with care, as well as to avoid humidity, great variations in temperature within short timeframes, as well as direct sunlight for long periods of time. Furthermore, you should try to avoid exposing the bag to fats (such as from make-up), oils, perfumes and other aggressive products, as these may cause permanent stains.


Due to the natural colouring process, the product may colour off onto light textiles or surfaces when used normally. Darker textiles or surfaces may also colour off onto light leather.