Our mission is clear - we want to offer you leather goods with a soul!


New partners you can identify with, uncompromising in it's design and manufactured in the most responsible and sustainable way. Sustainability is a fuzzy word, especially in the fashion and leather business. For us, its about cooperating with local partners, using sustainable materials and enabling a product to last a lifetime.






We are uncompromising when it comes to the materials used.

Most important is the origin of the leather. The leather we use, comes only from animals from species-appropriate husbandry in Germany. It is naturally tanned and free of chrome. 

We use real leather because we believe it is the best choice for making products that last, both in terms of design and durability.

The metal parts are handcrafted from stainless steel and we work with remnant wood and stone, to make each bag a unique yet durable item. 





Good design doesn’t come easy. We take time for our designs and want to surprise you with the unusual. 

We like to keep it simple, so the shapes are clean and minimalistic to use every day. But not every day is the same and neither should your bag be. Our clasps are easily interchangeable, offering you the chance to transform your Disselhoff bag with ease. With the option to customise, there is no need to own multiple bags and we stand behind our vow to avoid over-consumption.   






 We aim to work as sustainable as possible and this means that we are chasing after a moving target. 

We have built personal relationships with our suppliers in Germany, Switzerland and our manufacturing base in Italy. We are constantly learning and getting smarter about our processes together.

We factor organic requirements into both, livestock conditions as well as the processing of the leather itself. That's why our leather can be considered one of the most environmentally friendly leathers available on the market today and why the quality lasts. 

We don’t stop there - Almost all our accessories, the metal fixtures, the wood or stone closures are handmade in small, owner-operated ateliers in Germany and Switzerland. This is how we ensure the highest standards and keep our environmental foot-print as small as possible.





Each bag is absolutely unique, same as YOU!