Stainless steal



handmade, innovative 








Unique and functional details are the signature of the label DISSELHOFF.

The high quality and handcrafted stainless steel clasp impresses with a particularly innovative locking technology. Using a leather band, which is wrapped around the closure, the bag can be closed in the twinkling of an eye. The closure may be used in a modular manner, and is easily exchangeable for another design, simply by unscrewing it.


The closure is available with a leather or wood filling. As part of the wood filling, varnished Birchwood is used, which is colour coordinated with the bag. This allows for the placing of new and individual accents.





The splints and soil nails are also made from stainless steel, and are handmade in Germany.











The wood


with a passion for materials, 

where no piece is the same.





Another highlight are the wooden elements used. Made from native beech and hazelnut, the handle elements are extremely beautiful, whereby the pattern of each one is absolutely unique.


The shoulder strap is pulled through the wood and has a sophisticated adjustment under the flap. This allows the strap to be adjusted in length and optimally adapts to its wearer.


The wooden elements are produced in a small, owner-managed carpenter’s shop in Germany.




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