#minimalistic bio leather bags

mindfully made 

Shoulder bag #ID1_17

Disselhoff is a woman’s accessories label, embodying honesty throughout design, manufacturing and use. 

Creating unique designs with a distinctive aesthetic and valuing the life before the leather. Minimalistic, yet playful with the unexpected use of natural materials, manufactured in the most responsible and sustainable way. 


Using a bio leather band, which is wrapped around the closure, the bag can be closed with a flick of the wrist.


The clever mechanism makes the bag fun to use and at the same time allows for the clasp to be interchangeable,

simply by unscrewing it.



Our story doesn't begin with the finished leather, its starts much earlier. With a life.


We believe in the respectful treatment of people, animals and the environment. And we are against mass animal husbandry with all of its harmful effects on our beautiful planet and the animals themselves.

Therefore we only use leather from cows from organic farms in Germany.

illustraion of Disselhoff bag .jpg


We design carefully and with a minimal approach, always asking ourselves what we can leave out, rather than add on.

We use natural materials that we source from the local area and further refine in cooperation with local craftsmen.

For the production of our bags we work with manufacturers in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

All prototypes are created in our studio in Basel, Switzerland. 


visit our atelier

Imke Disselhoff Accessories, Atelier 323, Gaertnerstrasse 46, 4057 Basel, Switzerland