Valuing the Life before the Leather

Disselhoff is a women's accessories label that puts animal welfare and ethical manufacture first, so that you can feel proud to carry leather again. 


Standards in leather production have reached an all-time low in recent decades thanks to mass production on a global scale, and generally animal welfare has become the lowest priority a brand considers when manufacturing their products, against the profit that can be made from this heartless approach. Founder and designer Imke Disselhoff learned about these atrocities being the industry standard through her studies and early roles in the fashion industry, and felt compelled to prove there was another way to do business. This determination to deliver exceptional quality products, in beautiful designs, that truly value the life before the leather, is the foundation of all she does. With this, the German designer launched Disselhoff, in Switzerland in 2017. 


Disselhoff accessory designs are created with a unique and distinctive aesthetic, in a variety of styles and sizes. Each piece embodies a minimalistic yet playful feel, thanks to the unexpected use of natural materials, that allow customers to customise their bag and wear it 'their way', while also making each piece a true original.  All designs are hand-crafted with a delicate touch, and are always manufactured in the most responsible and sustainable way. 


To learn more about how Disselhoff leather is sourced and how the designs are manufactured, compared to the industry standards, please click on the links below. 

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